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Law Company from Tbilisi, Georgia

Welcome to “Kipiani and Partners” LTD, a reputable law firm based in Georgia, providing top-notch legal services to both individuals and organizations since 2012. Our diverse client base includes international organizations, financial institutions, and legal entities.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses oral and written consultations, preparation of legal documents, inspection and auditing of legal activities, as well as representation in court, administrative bodies, arbitration, and with third parties. We pride ourselves on delivering professional and reliable legal advice and representation to our clients.

Our Expertise

Practice Areas

  • Administrative Law
  • Banking/Financial Law
  • Citizenship/Residency
  • Civil Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Labour Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • Family and Inheritance Law
  • Media Law
  • Real Estate/Construction Law
  • Citizenship/Residency
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Tax/Customs Law
  • Banking/Financial Law
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy/Rehabilitation
  • Procurement law
  • Energy Law
  • Recognition/enforcement of decisions of foreign countries

Meet our team of experienced lawyers.

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